First brew on BM50L... crap efficiency

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Re: First brew on BM50L... crap efficiency

Unread postby Nesto » Tue May 03, 2016 6:06 am

Goose wrote:
Dicko wrote:Yes mate I now undo the threads, remove and dismantle the tap, give it all a sanitary clean and re assemble with new thread tape.
I fit the old original tap back into the kettle so I can still clean the rest of the BM with boiling water and PBW.
At the same time I place all the tap parts and fittings into the hot solution.


That is very thorough!

When I have my tri clamp connector the one risky part will be definitely be the threads. teflon tape is a must for the seal but never considered a thread sealant. From years gone by the name "loctite" springs to mind but it might not be the best way to go if you want to take it apart after each brew.

I am totally OCD about this. I've created extra fittings on my keg and carboy cleaner (an immersion pump with spray head) so I can put it in my BM, put the dome on, and run it for several minutes with PBW. Then it's a quick wipe with scrubbie and toilet brush to make sure BM is clean. And finally I disassemble my ball valve assembly AND the pump (every brew) to clean those.

I've also calibrated the Teflon tape needed (5 wraps) so that my ball valve lines up properly when I put back together!
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