Spring Wheat Beer

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Re: Spring Wheat Beer

Unread postby niels » Wed Apr 09, 2014 9:39 am

BrauTim wrote:The beer is now down to 1.008 and steady (Day 10), so the brewfridge has been set to drop to 10.5°C in anticipation of bottling sometime before the end of the weekend 8)

Tasting from the trial jar is fantastic, my best Wheat beer so far, I'm impressed with WB-06 (and my own brewing skills of course :lol: ).

Do you add some fresh yeast before bottling? If so, which yeast do you use?

I brewed a witbier recently and it was a bit cloudy but it cleared up in the bottle when I added Danstar CBC-1 (bottling yeast). It seems that some yeasts will make the proteins drop down... So in the future I will use the same yeast as the main fermentation for bottling (when I don't want this clearing effect).

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Re: Spring Wheat Beer

Unread postby BrauTim » Wed Apr 09, 2014 6:11 pm

niels wrote:Do you add some fresh yeast before bottling? If so, which yeast do you use?

I don't add bottling yeast for a Wheat beer (or any of my other beers with the exception of my Duvel clone), there is plenty left after fermentation to carb the bottles.

I did use Safbrew F2 bottling yeast in my Duvel clone, but that had lagered in the keg for 5 months over winter and at 8.5% I wasn't taking any chances that the original yeast was up to the job of carbonation, that worked pretty well and did not affect the flavour after bottling.

This is the first wheat where it looks like I've got my water profile about right (used a wheat beer profile) and I didn't use kettle finings allowing some proteins to remain and cause the haziness I'm after, previous attempts at wheat I've ended up with Krystalweizen when what I really wanted was a Hefeweizen, I think it might be because I used a Lager water profile and used kettle finings :roll:
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