Embarrassing first brew

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Re: Embarrassing first brew

Unread postby RichM » Mon May 02, 2016 10:09 am

Goose wrote:Nothing to be embarrassed about.

In my time homebrewing I can't think of a problem I didn't have.

In my case they usually they stem from complacency. Which breeds contempt, and consequences...

Persevere and ye shall succeed.

Complacency.........I batch primed 23 litres of lager which i bottled 5 weeks ago thats now failing to carbonate, i neglected to stir the syrup solution in the bottom of the bottling bucket and only realised my mistake at wash up as there was a film of sugary solution. They will eventually carbonate, but it will takes months rather than week.

I brewed a St Austell Tribute 2 weeks ago as an over night experiment, all went well, cooled and ran of to my shinny new stainless steel fermenter, pitched the yeast and lid and went to fit the bung and pushed it to hard and it went straight through and fell to the bottom of the fermenter Doh, tried fishing it out to no avail so int he end up star san'd my whole arm and reached in !

Stuff happens, you just deal with it and learn from the mistake, or the mistakes of others and try not to repeat them.
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Re: Embarrassing first brew

Unread postby RichardC » Sun Oct 09, 2016 8:49 pm

Well I'm glad I'm not the only one!
My first brew day today with my BM20. Read all the books planned everything accordingly and set off this morning to make some st Austell Proper Job. Even bought a new Speidel fermenter for the day.

Programmed the BM and set off without a hitch. Adding hops at the correct stages. Then using the chiller to bring the temperature down, everything going well.

Connected the newly sterilised hose and fermenter to receive the brew. Turned on the tap, er nothing. Sudden realisation, the hops have blocked the tap. Don't panic, perhaps a small stir, error still nothing. Plan B, the trusty syphon. Some small progress but it's now hop porridge. OK slightly more panic, Plan C, the jug and strainer, well it worked, and is now fermenting so that's something at least.

My first brew day using all grain, and some valuable lessons in the bag already!

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