First 2 Beers on BM 20L

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Re: First 2 Beers on BM 20L

Unread postby Goose » Mon Mar 21, 2016 5:38 am

Dicko wrote:
Thebiglebrewski wrote:Anyone else replace the sorry excuse for a valve that ships with these?

Yes, I did my 20 when I first got it.
I used exactly to the fitting, what you used Thebiglebrewski and I like it because I can fit a silicon hose to it for draining without trying to hold it on to a tapered outlet.
Why on earth would a manufacturer put a tapered fitting on a brew tap outlet is beyond me.
That original tap would be fine on a tea urn.... :lol: :lol:


Not only that, but it has a design such that the outlet turns with the tap handle. So if there is any torsion in your hose that you have connected to the tapered fitting ( i have had to use a ring clamp) it will work loose if you are not very careful. This happened to me though caught it quickly, fortunately.

The existing tap is ok if your method is just to gravity pour the wort into a fermenter situated underneath but I am quite surprised that Speidel has not changed this design in the release of subsequent models.

As such have ordered appropriate replacement valve and fittings.
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