Who I am, What I do

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Who I am, What I do

Unread post by Dan »

Firstly, I'm happy for people to add their own introductions to this thread rather than a separate thread for each member.

This is my first intro - never bothered with other forums.

I'm Dan. Mid 30's. Started with kit & kilo brewing around 10 years ago. I messed around with some half arsed efforts at extract brewing maybe 5 years ago and was not happy with the results at all.

I started fishing about 15 years ago on a tuna purse seiner, moved to a little prawn trawling and snapper hand lining then longlining before giving it a break for a while. Got serious carpal tunnel syndrome from long lining. A few years in the building industry, then back to prawn trawling where I've been for the last 6-7 years.
As we only fish for about 50-60 nights of the year (over 6 months), I have a bit of time to put towards hobbies.

I put brewing aside for a while when we bought a property out of town (needed time to build a home and some infrastructure). And got a bit sidetracked by my new hobby - shooting, reloading, hunting (can't live in the country and not have reliable pest control ;)) - Which is soon to lead into another hobby (plenty of beef from our own little herd + venison from pest control = salami, jerky, etc)

18 months ago, after bumping into a mate I hadn't caught up with for too long and discovering he'd gotten into all grain brewing (BIAB) I geared up and gave it a shot.
1st BIAB was last July using a 70L pot and gas burner. I quickly realised how little control I had over the process with this setup, and therefore lack in consistency.
By the end of August I had brewed my 7th and last batch on this rig.

Through another forum I met Dicko (also on here) who had recently bought a BM. One little brew day at his place had me (and my mate who got me into BIAB) sold on the BM.
Brew days have been so much easier since - set and forget.

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RE: Who I am, What I do

Unread post by Dicko »

My name is Geoff and being a 50's model I have been around for a while.

I began brewing in the early 70's with extract and hops and what was probably bakers yeast. It made beer but that was about it.
In Aus back then there was virtually nothing available as far as ingredients or any real info for beer brewing.
When kit beers became available, I went with those but the beer was just never quite the same.
In the early 2000's the internet was born and with it came a rush of brewing info, mainly from the US and I guess brewing wise the rest is history.

I am currently self employed in my own business and we provide Pest Management Services to a large area of rural South Australia.
I am a fitter mechanic by trade which has come in handy over the years with building breweries for home use.

The best thing I ever did brewing related was purchasing my BM. The hard decision I had was wether to get the 50 or the 20.
In the end I settled on the 20 as I felt it more suited my needs.
I guess it goes without saying that I enjoy beers and brewing, talking beers and helping anyone where I can.

I hope this forum goes well as I believe there is a niche for the equipment based resource.

Well done Niells
The worst thing that can happen if I die is that my wife will sell all my brewing equipment for what I told her I paid for it

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RE: Who I am, What I do

Unread post by gert »

Indeed, good idea to use just one thread for introductions. Will make it easier when this forum grows.

My name is Gert, and - just like Niels - from Belgium. During the day I'm a professor, but also really into Belgian beers (of course): Chimay Blue, St Bernardus Abt 12 and Rochefort 8 are daily beers for me, but I've always +50 different kinds of beer in the basement (mainly commercial ones, but also some from fellow home brewers of vlaamshobbybrouwforum.be). Since I'm into beer tasting, I also buy some good beer from Holland, England, Scandinavia, US, etc.

I bought a BM 50l with 25l malt pipe last years, with which I brewed 5 or 6 times already(I'll post a photo). Great stuff as we all know.
This summer my first commercial beer will be released (contract brewer).

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RE: Who I am, What I do

Unread post by Lac »

Hi, my name is Lars, is in the middle of 50 and live in Denmark. I have brewed for approx. 10 years beginning with beerkit and continue with all grain, I brew all types of beer but is especially fond of dark beer. In May last year I invested in a BM 20 liters and has since brewed 16 good brews, on the accessories I bought thermal jacket, hops filter and cooler.
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RE: Who I am, What I do

Unread post by Batz »

I'm Jeff, from Queensland Australia, I have spend half my life working in the mining industry in very remote parts of Australia. I now live (semi retired) in a very small country town as I love the friendly quite way of life. We grow our own food where we can and try to live a permaculture lifestyle. Old hippies perhaps.

My brewing history is much the same as Dicko's, in fact we have met several times and I consider him a good friend.

I built a very nice 4V brewery and brewed AG for many years, one day I decided I would buy a BM, great move on my part, 50lt here.

Now I also collect blow torches or blow lamps, you guys not in Australia keep an eye out for me.

Oh I'm much closer to 60 than 50.

Your not a real brewer until you own a Braumeister


RE: Who I am, What I do

Unread post by Andy_Chil »

Hi, I'm Andy. I work for our local fire brigade in country Victoria and live in a tiny town on the southern coast in South Gippsland.
I have been brewing for the past 15 years starting with hopped extract cans an moving to partial mash/DME brewing a couple of years ago.

I recently acquired a 20 litre Braumeister and moved to all grain brewing. :)


RE: Who I am, What I do

Unread post by waspish »


I'm wasp (as in stinging insect) on HBT, but that name has other meanings. SO..... I'm waspish here. :beer:

Been brewing beer since high school - some 40 years ago. Been using my BM for 18months. Pilsners, Kolsch, and traditional British beers are my favourites. I'm also into cider and wine. Gotta love my BM and my kegerator. Usually 3+ taps on-the-go.

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RE: Who I am, What I do

Unread post by swiggingpig »

Hello from England,

I'm an IP Network engineer during the day, mainly voip and security.

I started out with kits about 20 years ago, moving on through partial mash to all grain. Stopped brewing in 2000 due to a number of factors and started brewing again in 2010.

I used a 3V system until space constraints in 2012 threatened to put a halt to my brewing once more. I'd been eyeing the BM with it's ease of cleaning and small footprint for a while and now that my hand was forced I bit the bullet and ordered a 20 L BM with thermo jacket and copper hood.

Once I started using it I was so amazed with it that I wished I'd got one sooner and since I received it in July 2012 I've done 42 batches on it :)

The 20 L suites me as I like variety, I try to keep 6 to 7 different beers on tap at any one time :beer:

Well done Niels for setting up a dedicated forum :cheers:
20L BM with Jacket and Copper Hood

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RE: Who I am, What I do

Unread post by Oz11 »

Hi all,

Also from England, more specifically Tonbridge(-under-water), Kent.

Currently 3V, but considering a BM due to convenience, probably a 20L.

Day job in computers, but moving soon part time to a micro brewery, with an aim to go full time as soon as practical.

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Home brewing in a Tonbridge garage.

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RE: Who I am, What I do

Unread post by whitegoose »

G'Day all,

I'm 34yo brewer from Perth, Western Australia.

By day I'm a project manager in the IT department of a large healthcare provider.

My dad bought me a brewing setup (fermenter, bottles, capper, hydrometer etc) for my birthday when I was about 19 or so and I proceeded to make a handful of kit beers. At that stage I wasn't too interested in learning, I just wanted to make beer. I never particularly liked my beer, but I made it, so I drank it. After a year or two I had stopped brewing... but slowly began to build up a real interest in unusual beer, thanks largely to working in a bottle shop that had a large international beer section while at uni. I would take home a different one each night and try it out. Slowly my interest in beer turned into a bit of a passion and then into a full blown obsession.

And then in about 2008-ish I dug up my old brewing equipment and started reading some forums, and became fascinated with the science and creativity of brweing. I went from kit beers, to extract beers, to partial mashes on the stove top, to BIAB all grain on my trusty 40L crown urn. I brewed like this for years, slowly building up an arsenal of equipment and was so familiar with the setup I could pretty much brew with my eyes closed.

Then for a combined Christmas/birthday present from by wife and family this year, I got a 20L Braumeister. I've only done one brew on it so far, but I am in love.

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RE: Who I am, What I do

Unread post by BrauTim »

Hey all,

Tim from England and another working in IT ! I live not too far from the famous Ringwood brewery, but not close enough to be getting a regular supply of yeast. Approaching my late 40's, I've brewed on and off over the years without much success, had a break of about 15 years until about 12 months ago when I wanted to get some homebrew ready in plastic bottles for Glastonbury music festival :beerbang:. I brewed a few kits which turned out alright, I joined a UK forum at the same time and noticed that homebrewing had gone from basic kits and fingers crossed to shiny and full on technical understanding of the whole process.

So I was bitten with the engineering and bio-chemistry of it all, rushed out and bought a used HERMS setup that took over half my garage, did a couple of brews then noticed the Braumeister and had to have a 50L one which I've brewed about 8 batches on since August, I'm making great beer but I'm not sure if the HERMS will be used again!

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RE: Who I am, What I do

Unread post by benw »

I'm Ben, living in the eastern part of the Netherlands and member of the "Twents bierbrouwers gilde". I'm brewing my all grain beers with a 20L BM for about 2 years. Mostly Belgian and German like ales. And yet my first lager is in the cooler and a Munchener Dunkel is ready for bottling this week. The strongest beer I brewed until now with the BM has about 6-7% ABV and I'm curious if I can brew a tripel of about 8% ABV.
I like to experiment with malts, hops and yeast, so 20L is enough for me. I like automation and process control (studied chemical engineering) and not plumbing. That's why the BM is the right equipment for me. I spend much time reading about brewing, articles blogs and books.


RE: Who I am, What I do

Unread post by phlat »

I'm Chris, 40, English, live in France about 2.5h drive from Speidel. Started brewing kits about 20 years ago. Had a 10 year break, then got back into it again recently; brewed about 7 kits since. I put a lot of thought into my purchases; once I'm sure it's a goer, I like to spend money to save money, avoiding the build up of unused clutter that comes from upgrades. This hobby is always going to be a sticker, mainly because I love beer. That's why I went for Cornies this time round, and boy I'm glad I did.

So then, I'm not yet a BM owner, but it is certainly something of great interest. It would seem a great clutter avoider, and the pinacle of brewing simplicity. Given I've never brewed AG, in fact not even ever dry hopped, I'll have a big learning curve, and the one single purchase of the BM and accessories would help greatly with that. Still, as I say, I do put a lot of thought into my purchases, so still lots and lots of pondering yet... 50 or 20, winch options, finding local grain suppliers, milling options, wort cooling options, water treatment options, etc, etc. Loving every minute of it :D.

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RE: Who I am, What I do

Unread post by BrauTim »

benw wrote: I'm curious if I can brew a tripel of about 8% ABV.
I've brewed a Duvel clone at around 8.5% and used 5.4Kg of Pilsner and 900g sugar, the mash efficiency was 78% and the yeast got down from 1.070 to 1.006, it's almost ready for bottling after 5 months in a corny in a cold garage. So yes a triple is easily possible, just give the mash a stir if the flow slows down and allow the fermentation temp to rise towards the end.
To brew or not to brew, that would be a stupid question !


RE: Who I am, What I do

Unread post by Twonky »

Hi Guys,

I'm Twonky ;-)

Named after my favorite robo-rally character. but the name came back to me after my first all grain brew which was also a bit twonky... and looking for a good name on the label I thought this would be good for my first label, and then it just stuck.....

Nearing middle age, but still 20 at heart!
Living in the Netherlands, but I have a preference for English styles, and am also a bit of a hop-head....

Other hobbies include medieval fencing (with bastard swords in stead of knitting needles ;-)

Decided on the 50l BM after noticing how much you spend at the DIY store...

Good initiative, setting up a BM dedicated forum!


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