hey all!

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hey all!

Unread postby tdoft » Sat Apr 12, 2014 6:44 pm

I had rotator cuff surgery Monday and have used the post op recovery period to plan my homebrewery. I've been a dedicated biab brewer for the last five years or so but my shoulder has made the lifting aspects of my process difficult and now (postsurgery) impossible. I was planning to go with the sabco brewmagic but the cost, multiple vessels to clean, and the lack an electric option gave me pause. The braumeister seems to solve these issues nicely, especially if I add a winch to lift the malt pipe and hold the bm while i clean it.

Now I'm pretty convinced that the bm 50L with the extra 25L malt pipe is the way to go! My order will likely be placed as soon as funds (swmbo) allows. I do have one hang up though and I'm hoping you experienced braumeisters can talk me down. Hot side aeration. If you accept that it can occur in the mash (as I've read it can) then the bm system of mashing is fundamentally flawed. The hot wort cascades down the side of the malt pipe during the entire mash and is exposed to oxygen as it falls and as it splashes down at the bottom of the kettle.

My thinking is that this couldn't be very significant since everyone here and at homebrewtalk seems very impressed with their results with the braumeister. I do wonder though if the defects of hsa may show up later as the beer ages. Can any experienced braumeister brewers comment on the longevity/overall quality of your beers now compared to when you brewed on other systems?

I'm also really interested in hearing about winch rigs/tables that people have found. Ive seen some great diy solutions but I'd rather find one re ready made for this purpose to save time.

Thanks so much for listening!

Tony in Colorado usa
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Re: hey all!

Unread postby niels » Mon Apr 14, 2014 6:49 am

Welcome to the forum, Tony!

Everyone here will probably talk you into buying the Braumeister :) It certainly has his benefits to a 3-vessel system, but make sure you read up to get to know the few limitations of the BM too!

I moved the discussion about HSA to a new topic as this makes it easier for others to find and keeps the information a bit structured.

Have a nice stay! And I hope you will be sharing some BM experiences soon...

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