Hi from a Wannabe BM'er

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Hi from a Wannabe BM'er

Unread postby chris172 » Mon Mar 03, 2014 1:35 pm

Hi all

I work for myself from home so fairly flexible with my brew days. Currently doing AG in a 3 vessel set up with home made HLT and Boiler along with a MT from a Colman. Brewdays are long and the clean up longer. Serve from a range of Corny's with 4 kegs on tap at the moment.

Found the BM online and have fell in love with it since. I love the simplicity of a single unit to do it all in along with the controllability over mash times to get consistent brews.... thats the important bit for me consistency, which I haven't got at the moment.

Avid lurker and occasional poster I just need to sell a kidney and voila.. another BM'er.

Great forum... keep it up!

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RE: Hi from a Wannabe BM'er

Unread postby Dicko » Mon Mar 03, 2014 9:10 pm

If you can make the decision to go down the braumeister track you wont look back.
Cleaning time is more than cut in half, and as you mentioned, repeatability is easily achievable each time you brew.
Because of its automation you will have free time while the brew is progressing to attend to work details as well and the brewery doesn't need a lot of space as would your 3v system.

My views

Cheers and welcome to the forum
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